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Deliver Us from Evil 2014

In New York, Police Officer Ralph Sarchie and his partner Butler investigate a series of bizarre crimes in Bronx: the death of a baby in an alley: the beating of the wife of the former soldier Jimmy by him; and the case of a mother, Jane Crenna, who has thrown her two year old son in the enclosure of the lions in the zoo. While investigating the last case with Butler, Sarchie sees a weird man painting the wall of the lion's enclosure but he flees. Soon the man is identified, Mick Santino, and Sarchie learns that Santino and Jimmy belonged to the same platoon in Iraq. The investigation affects the private life of Sarchie and his relationship with his wife Jennifer "Jen" and his daughter Christina. Sarchie, who is a Catholic that lost his faith, is contacted by the unconventional Father Mendoza that explains to him that he is dealing with demonic forces and Santini and Jane are possessed by demons. The skeptic Sarchie does not believe in the father in the beginning, but when his family is jeopardized by Santino, he teams-up with the priest to exorcise Santino and save his beloved family.

Release Date:
June 24, 2014
118 min
Eric Bana, Édgar Ramírez, Sean Bennett, Joseph Basile ...
Action, Crime, Horror, Thriller, Mystery ...

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Solar rating: 6.20


Imdb rating: 6.20