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Hacksaw Ridge 2016

A man grieves on the tombstones of his army company that laid their lives for the United States during World War I. Back home, he raises his boys in a pious setting and asks them to shun weapons. After a naughty fight turns awry, Desmond reads the Bible and vows not to harm another human in his life hereon. Desmond then saves the life of a worker, experiencing a wholesome satisfaction in the process. In the hospital, he is smitten by a nurse, who he dates thereafter. Seeing the Japanese provocation leading to the World War II, both the sons enlist, adding to the ire of the father who despises his sons taking to the Army. The rigorous regimen of training in the Army require Desmond to clear his firearms training, but after a huge tiff with his seniors, his father, an old corporal, intervenes to save Desmond from being court-martialed and serve with the Army as a medic. They get posted to Hacksaw Ridge, Okinawa. A win there would ensure Japanese surrender to the USA. What happens thereon?

Release Date:
October 24, 2016
139 min
Hugo Weaving, Vince Vaughn, Sam Worthington, Richard Roxburgh ...
Drama, History, War ...

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Solar rating: 8.50


Imdb rating: 8.50