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Heroes Wanted 2016

After the robbery of a bomb and the death of several secret agents who tried recovered it, Minister Boyero recruits five agents from some Spanish local police agencies to preserve the existence of Cuerpo de Élite (Elite Corp.), a secret team created in the 70's during the Spanish Transition. The new agents are Santi (Madrid's Mobility Agent), Lola (Andalusia's Civil Guard), Pep (Catalonia's Mosso d'Esquadra), Gorka (Basque Country's Ertzaina) and Byron (an immigrant Ecuatorian who claims born in Cuenca, member of Spanish Legion). The new Cuerpo de Élite is called to conclude the unfinished mission of the previous team: recover an atomic bomb from Palomares's Broken Arrow (an infamous accident where four atomic bombs fell in Spain's coast in 1966) before it be exploded. But the bad connivance between them will endanger to fulfill the mission, in addition of a woman who tries to warn Santi about the hidden truth behind of Cuerpo de Élite...

Release Date:
August 26, 2016
95 min
Paco Tous, Vicente Romero, Pepa Aniorte, Octavi Pujades ...
Action, Comedy ...

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Solar rating: 4.60


Imdb rating: 4.60