Watch Most Popular Feature Films Released In 2001

1. Brooklyn Babylon (2001) Brooklyn Babylon (2001)
In Brooklyn's Crown Heights, where West Indian Rastafarians and other Blacks live next door to the Jewish Lubavitch community, ethnic tensions are high. After a minor car crash, the headstrong... Dir: Marc Levin With: Karen Starc, Vernon Campbell, Bonz Malone, Daniel Sauli Drama | Music | Romance 89 mins.
2. Pearl Harbor: Legacy of Attack (2001) Pearl Harbor: Legacy of Attack (2001)
Dir: Kirk Wolfinger, Michael Rosenfeld With: Hirohito, Bob Ballard, Stephen Ambrose, Franklin D. Roosevelt Documentary 0 mins.
3. Lammbock (2001) Lammbock (2001)
German louts Stefan and Kai run a pizzeria, but it's mainly a front for their more lucrative self-grown cannabis trade, allowing them to deliver at home. When the plants get sick, the dealers bring... Dir: Christian Zübert With: Wotan Wilke Möhring, Christof Wackernagel, Hedi Kriegeskotte, Gregory B. Waldis Comedy 93 mins.
4. Gangland (2001) Gangland (2001)
In 2010 three heroes battle to survive in a city which is being controlled by an evil gang. Dir: Art Camacho With: Kristanna Loken, Ice-T, Victor Webster, Costas Mandylor Action | Sci-Fi 90 mins.
5. Der Schuh des Manitu (2001) Der Schuh des Manitu (2001)
Abahachi, Chief of the Apache Indians, and his blood brother Ranger maintain peace and justice in the Wild West. One day, Abahachi needs to take up a credit from the Shoshone Indians to finance his... Dir: Michael Herbig With: Christian Tramitz, Marie Bäumer, Hilmi Sözer, Rick Kavanian Comedy | Western 87 mins.
6. Code Red (2001) Code Red (2001)
A psychologically disturbed solider is forced to come out of retirement to find his brother who has disappeared in the jungle but nothing can prepare him for the alien nightmare he is plunged into. Dir: Ian Gilmour With: Brian McNamara, Brett Tucker, Frederick Miragliotta, Anthony Engelman Rene Naufahu Action | Adventure | Drama | Sci-Fi 100 mins.
7. A Galaxy Far, Far Away (2001) A Galaxy Far, Far Away (2001)
A documentary exploring the attraction of the Star Wars universe to its many fans. Includes interviews and cameos from across the United States. Leads up to the opening of Star Wars Episode I: The... Dir: Tariq Jalil With: Joe Pesci, Roger Corman, Andy Garcia, Robert Loggia Comedy | Documentary 62 mins.
8. Biker Zombies from Detroit (2001) Biker Zombies from Detroit (2001)
Biker Zombies From Detroit is a horror/comedy contrasting the dark deadly streets of outer Detroit against the posh and protected upscale community of Grosse Pointe. A series of horrific murders... Dir: Todd Brunswick With: John Anton, Jason Waugh, Tommy Brunswick, Todd Brunswick Horror | Comedy | Fantasy | Action 80 mins.
9. En kort en lang (2001) En kort en lang (2001)
Jacob is a young man used to getting everything he wants. For several years, he has been living in a happy homosexual partnership with Jørgen, and one night Jacob decides to pop the big question to... Dir: Hella Joof With: Mads Mikkelsen, Henning Jensen, Peter Lambert, Lars Hjortshøj Comedy | Romance | Drama 98 mins.
10. Et rigtigt menneske (2001) Et rigtigt menneske (2001)
A modern fable about an invisible man who gets the chance to become a real human being. He has to learn to be brave, honest and conscientious. 'P' is a fantasy figure, living behind the wallpaper... Dir: Åke Sandgren With: Troels II Munk, Lone Petersen, Line Kruse, Henrik Larsen Drama 95 mins.